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ብድሆ ኣንጻር ኣተሓሳስባና


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The government officials promised to do their level best for the Eritrean cause to get the attention it deserves.

At the same time, the EMDHR had meetings with international diplomats in South Africa including the Norwegian Ambassador to South Africa to urge them show personal and their countries' solidarity with the people of Eritrea who are seeking for freedom, justice, and democracy. In all of these engagements the EMDHR highlighted the tragic conditions of Eritreans at home and those in refugee camps, detention centres, and all victims of human smuggling and trafficking.

EMDHR also gave a speech at the 10th Southern Africa Civil Society Forum. In their declaration statement, the participants called for the Eritrean government to cease its repressive policies, unconditional release of political prisoners and introduce political reform through inclusive political dialogues and processes towards constitutional governance. They also called the African Union to put Eritrean political situation as a standing agenda item and immediately start with facilitation of an all inclusive political dialogue. Moreover, they reminded all African governments in particular and the International community at large to ensure the safety and rights of Eritrean refugees. As requested by the EMDHR the Forum also passed a resolution on Eritrea as follows:


"We are deeply concerned by the political situation in Eritrea and the oppressive conditions facing the people as a result of absence of respect for human rights and democratic governance.

We are alarmed by the widespread and systematic human rights violation perpetrated by the government of Eritrea against its own people

Welcomed the recent decision of the UN Human Rights Commission to establish Commission of Enquiry to investigate the human rights situation in Eritrea;

Concerned especially about the continued implementation of unlimited military service under which the Eritrean youth are kept under slave-like conditions rendering them future-less; 

indeed, the policy is forcing tens of thousands of young Eritreans to leave their country in search of safety and better future risking inhuman treatment at the hand of unscrupulous human traffickers, death in the high seas and deserts, rape and illicit organ harvests;

Therefore, we call upon

The Eritrean government to cease with repressive policies and unconditionally release political prisoners with immediate effect and at the same time introduce political reform through inclusive political dialogues processes towards constitutional governance;

The African Union to put the political situation in Eritrea as a standing agenda item and immediately start with the facilitation of an all-inclusive political dialogue in Eritrea;

The AU, all African governments and the international community at large, to ensure the safety and the rights of Eritrean refugees."