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ብድሆ ኣንጻር ኣተሓሳስባና


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The tragic loss and pain continue to visit every Eritrean family, every village, and every community. After paying over a hundred thousand lives in our quest for independence, almost equal number of citizens are lost in the tragedies of a meaningless war, illegal prisons of the regime, border crossings, the Sahara desert, Sinai, Libya, the Mediterranean, and many other places. Eritrean life has never been cheaper and disrespected. This is DARK AGES for the Eritrean people and our country.  

In the midst of all such darkness and tragedies, we sadly grow helpless and hopeless. The World doesn’t care about the fate of the Eritrean youth and our nation. And we cannot expect others to rise up while we continue to adopt “business as usual” approach, as if we are not the losers. Only we, the people, can and should reverse our fate and shape our own destiny and the destiny of our nation. We must stand together against the source of our misery and tragedies, defeat it, and secure our lives and our nation. The youth need to rise up and confront this already archaic and ageing dictatorship. We cannot stand by while one man is destroying our nation and massacring our people. We have to believe in ourselves that we can defeat this weak regime and change our situation for the better. 

Let’s all declare ALL OUR MIGHT AND ENERGY AGAINST THE REGIME! The only way forward is to remove Isaias Afewerki from power and bring him to justice to answer for the destruction he has caused our nation. 

In the meanwhile, we call upon everyone to help find information about the missing boats and the whereabouts of the Eritreans in them. 

Let’s unite our actions to defeat a one-man regime and reverse our fate! 




03 OCTOBER 2014