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EMDHR Conducted Interviews with SABC

Executive Committee members of the Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (EMDHR) Mr Kulubrhan Abraham and Mr Eyasu Andemariam conducted interviews with the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) - SAFM and Channel Africa - radio stations on the situation of the systematic, widespread, and gross human rights violations in Eritrea and the findings of the UN Commission of Enquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea.


The executive members shared with millions of South Africans and wider African audiences about the suffering of the Eritrean people and the nature of the repressive regime ruling Eritrea. They enlightened the listeners about the thousands of Eritrean prisoners of conscience languishing in degrading and inhumane prison conditions without any due process of law, the lack of freedom of expression, religion and assembly, the modern slavery in the name of the endless national service, the death of thousands of Eritreans fleeing the country in the Sahara, Sinai deserts and Mediterranean Sea.

The Listeners of the radio also shared theirs feelings about the peace loving Eritrean people and the depressing situation they are going through. They also highlighted that it is time that Africans should cooperate in tackling dictators in the continent.

The radio station also promised to host more similar interviews with Eritreans to create more awareness among the South African communities to support the Eritrean struggle for justice, freedom, and democracy.

The executive members called upon the International Community in general and the African Union in particular to exert all possible pressure to force the regime in Eritrea to respect the basic rights of its citizens as stipulated in international law. 

Please click the link below to listen to one of the interviews.

SABC Interview